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Bard and Cook Vena Cava IVC Filters Lawyer News and Update

Written by lisaspitzer on . Posted in Bard IVC Filter lawsuit, Bard IVC Filter Lawyers, Medical Device Lawsuits

MDL Sought For Vena Cava IVC Filters

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) heard oral arguments last week in the consideration of approval for a centralized MDL for the  Bard inferior vena cava (IVC) filter lawsuits. These claims are mounting up against C.R. Bard.  Cook Medical, has already been centralized.   The IVC filters are  surgically implanted in patients who are at risk for pulmonary embolism. The filters are  catch blood clots before they travel to the lungs.

Problems With The IVC Filters

An IVC Filter  study published in JAMA Internal Medicine stated  that less than 10 percent of the filters studied were successfully removed from patients and eight percent of the recipients of the  IVC filters suffered a pulmonary embolism despite the presence of the IVC filter. The FDA in 2014 has encouraged doctors  to remove IVC filters within one to two months after the risk of pulmonary embolism has passed. IVC Filter Lawsuits For: Fracture of the IVC Filer Movement of the filter out of place Filter Puncturing  the vena cava Internal injuries Patients and doctors were not adequately warned about their potential for defect. The MDL is requested for the Northern District of Texas or  Nevada.