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First Transvaginal Mesh Trials to be Heard in New Jersey

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New Jersey Judge Schedules First Transvaginal Mesh Trials

The first Ethicon Gynecare vaginal mesh lawsuits will be presented by transvaginal mesh lawyers and go before a jury at the end of next year in New Jersey state court. These will be heard November 2012.

Judge Carol E. Higbee is overseeing the consolidated Ethicon vaginal mesh lawsuits in New Jersey Superior Court and scheduled the first of a number of Ethicon Gynecare bellwether trials, to begin in November 2012.
Preliminary discovery for cases being prepared for early trial dates is to be completed by March 30, and expert witnesses are to be deposed by October 5, according to a scheduling order Judge Higbee issued on October 28.

About 350 transvaginal mesh lawsuits  have been centralized under Judge Higbee for pretrial proceedings. These cases involve women who were implanted with the Gynecare Prolift mesh, Gynecare Gynemesh, Gynecare Prolene mesh, Gynecare TVT sling or another pelvic mesh product manufactured by Ethicon.

These vaginal mesh products were designed to secure weakened or damaged vaginal muscle, ligamants and tissue in the pelvic muscle floor that holds the bladder,  uterus, the top of the vagina or the bowel in a secure position. These have been falling apart with severe complications.

All of the complaints involve  lawsuits that state Johnson & Johnson and their Ethicon subsidiary knew the mesh products were unreasonably dangerous when used to repair pelvic organ prolapse or female stress urinary incontinence, but continued to manufacture and sell them.

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