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Mirena IUD and A Perforated Uterus

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The Mirena IUD along with the vaginal mesh, Yaz, Yasmin are devices and Drugs harming women. Mirena IUD Class Action lawyers are currently reviewing cases for a Mirena IUD Class Action, MDL Lawsuit. If you have a perforated uterus from the Mirena IUD contact us today for a case review.

Birth control drugs and devices  have been the central focus  of lawsuits. Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, NuvaRing and the related Vaginal Mesh are just some of the birth control medications, devices and related women problem devices that are causing  injuries, death and destroying lives.
The Mirena IUD is being currently reviewed by our Mirena IUD lawyers. Mirena is manufactured by Bayer ,which also manufacturers Yaz and Beyaz. It is a flexible silicone  intrauterine device that is placed into the uterus through the vagina by a physician. Mirena releases a continuous dose of the hormone levonorgestrel to prevent pregnancy for up to five years.

The first-generation IUD Dalkon Shield was well known for its complications, including :infection, sepsis, miscarriage and even death. Ther Over 300,000 IUD  Dalkon Shield lawsuits were filed.

The problems Mirena IUD  lawyers are accepting  Mirena Silicone  IUD  cases for include puncture of the uterus or the device becoming firmly embedded in the uterus. This can cause bleeding and other serious complications. The device must have moved or gravitated, and can not be located. If you have had the device surgically removed we want to hear from you.

The vaginal mesh lawsuit trials are underway. Lawyers are beginning the depositions of key players. The clock is ticking File you vaginal mesh lawsuit now.


Insurance Fraud Lawyers, What is Insurance Fraud, Class Action Lawyer

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Class action lawyers filing class action insurance Fraud lawsuits. Insurance Fraud, Scam lawyers protect citizens from insurance Fraud.

What is Insurance Fraud?
Fraud occurs when someone knowingly lies to obtain some benefit or advantage to which they are not otherwise entitled or someone knowingly denies some benefit that is due and to which someone is entitled. Depending on the specific issues involved. Insurance Fraud can be handled both civil and criminal. Class action lawyers filer civil negligence suiots against insurance companies for scams.

What is Insurance Fraud?

Any action taken by an individual with the intent to fraudulently obtain payment from an insurer is considered insurance fraud.
Insurance Consumer Tips

Use Caution!

    When receiving phone calls after an accident. It could be someone trying to involve you in a fraud scheme.
    If a life insurance sales pitch comes at a time when there is no apparent need to change insurance coverage, such as a marriage, a new child, or similar life change.
    If an agent offers to replace your old life insurance policy, which has a high cash value, with a new better one. Carefully review the premium schedule, benefits and restrictions on benefits, such as pre-existing conditions


    Make sure you receive a written policy within sixty (60) days after you have paid your first premium.
    Compare prices and options before purchasing insurance, especially if a price being offered is substantially lower than others.
    Make sure you receive and review your detailed billings for all services.
    When buying or renewing insurance coverage, check with the Office of Insurance Regulation to make sure you are dealing with a licensed agent and a licensed insurance company.
    Protect your insurance identification numbers as you would a credit card number.


    Write a premium check to an agent. Checks should be written to the insurance company or insurance agency.
    Never sign blank insurance forms.

If you feel you are a victim of insurance fraud you may be able to hire an insurance fraud lawyer and sue for damages as part of a class action lawsuit.



Insurance Company Class Actions, Insurance Claim Lawyers

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Insurance claim lawyers help people who have been "scammed" or defrauded by an insurance company regarding the insurance protection they were believed they had.

Have you ever opened up your credit card billing statement to find an offer to purchase an insurance policy which seems too good to be true?  Have you ever bought an insurance policy for your car only to find out that you also bought a roadside assistant plan, motor club membership, life insurance or some other type of insurance?  What about buying trip cancellation protection, death and dismemberment coverage, a disability plan which provides a huge amount of benefits if you are disabled or had forced placed insurance put on your home? Or have you bought some type of credit life or credit disability when you make a purchase or other type of policy when you buy a car?
    If you answer is yes, you may very well be the victim of an insurance scam.  There are many unscrupulous people that sell insurance policies for what seems like a small amount of money which provides a huge amount of benefits which are essentially worthless.  Most of these policies have restrictions which make it almost impossible to qualify for coverage.  Other policies are for such a small amount of money that people say: what the heck.  Only to find out that even the $50 paid for the policy is too much because claims will never get paid.  Still for other policies they are sold in a manner contrary to the legal requirements in a state and continue to be sold because the folks that provide the insurance just plan lie to the insurance regulators.

Some Insurance Companies that have problems include:

  • Direct General,
  • Lloyds of London,
  • Health extras,
  • American Medical Security,Insurance compnay fraud
  • American Bankers,
  • Nations Motor Club,

Get Help with Insurance Fraud Involving:

  • Health Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Wind Damage Insurance

A class action is one way for Insurance fraud  lawyers to help the victims of unethical insurance practices, including misbilling practices, failure to pay claims, unfair adjustments in premiums, failure to follow state insurance law, fake insurance and bad faith. Class action lawyers are ready to help you with fraudulent insurance and other class action matters.  Our Insurance class action lawyers have  handled hundreds of cases.  With our help, you may be able to recover your insurance-related losses. If an insurance company has treated you or someone you love unfairly, you may be entitled to financial compensation. An Insurance compnay class-action suit may be the best way to join others who have been victims of the same unethical actions and denied insurance claims.