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Benicar Gastrointestinal Injury Attorneys

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Benicar Gastrointestinal Injury  Lawyers

Filing Benicar Intestinal Injury Lawsuits

What Is Benicar?

Benicar is a  high blood pressure medication.   Benicor has been  linked to severe intestinal injury, intestinal damage, chronic diarrhea, malnourishment and severe weight loss. Seniors are the largest population receiving prescriptions for Benicar and are the most vulnerable to sever injury from Benicar.

FDA Benicar Warnings

The FDA   has warned patients and doctors that Benicar (olmesartan medoxomil) may cause a severe gastrointestinal (GI) problem called Villous Atrophy. Benicar causes the intestines to lose the texture and makes it difficult to absorb nutrients. This leads to malnutrition which and other digestive problems. This is very dangerous for seniors and can lead to death or hospitalization because of dehydration, chronic diarrhea and malnutrition. Villous Atrophy can result in limiting  the ability of the small intestines to absorb nutrients from food. At the most serious stages,  villous atrophy  causes  damage to the intestinal crypts, which is the intestinal lining that surround the villi.

Benicar Villous Atrophy Lawyers Filing Benicar Lawsuits

Benicar has been used by millions of people. Benicar warnings did not adequately disclose  how serious the side effects form this medication is. The Benicar lawyers at Class Action Lawyer Network are  filing claims for individuals who have experienced chronic diarrhea, sprue-like enteropathy or villous atrophy after using Benicar.  

GranuFlo, Naturalyte Dialysis Medication Lawsuits Now An MDL

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GranuFlo and Naturlayte, the Dialyis medications causing immediate cardiac arrest have been consolidated into a Massachusetts MDL. The Fresenius Granuflo and NaturaLyte lawsuits  filed in the federal court system will now be consolidated before one Massachusetts’ judge for pretrial proceedings, as part of a multidistrict litigation (MDL).

Class Action Lawyer Network GranuFlo lawyers are filing lawsuits for  heart attacks or sudden deaths caused by the use of GranuFlo or NaturaLyte dialysis products during hemodialysis. Victims hearts suddenly stop during or shortly after dialysis treatment involving the use of Granuflo Acid Concentrate or NaturaLyte Liquid Acid Concentrate in dialysis treatment.

It appears Fresenius failed to adequately research the side effects of their dialysate products or warn about the potential risks including the importance of monitoring bicarbonate levels of patients receiving the products to avoid sudden cardiac arrest and death.

Dialysis medication lawyers are accepting immediate cases for injury and wrongful death.

Metronic Infuse Bone Graft Alert, Bone Graft Lawyers Accepting Cases

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Class Action Lawyer Network, lawyers for Metronic Infuse Bone Graft lawyers are accepting cases for off label use and severe injury.

The Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft is a  medical device that helps stimulate bone growth after lower-spinal surgery. Unfortunately, the device has been linked to hundreds of adverse event reports due to off label use of the product.

The dangers linked to the Metronic Infuse Bone Graft when used off-label for spinal surgeries include:

  •     Cancer
  •     Infertility/Sterility
  •     Nerve Damage
  •     Uncontrolled/Ectopic Bone Growth
  •     Airway Swelling and Compression
  •     Death
  •     Difficulty Breathing, Swallowing or Speaking
  •     Compression of the Airway
  •     Respiratory Depression
  •     Nerve Damage


If you or a loved one suffered one of these injuries after receiving a spinal fusion surgery with the Metronic Infuse Bone Graft contact us for a complete case review. Manufacturers who choose profits over people must be held responsible for the harm they cause.

Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit Urgent Message, Broadspire Claims

Written by lisaspitzer on . Posted in ABG II Lawyers, APG II, APG II Lawyers, APG II Recall Lawyers, Stryker Hip replacement recall lawyer, Stryker Homedicam Rejuvinate, Stryker Rejuvinate, Stryker Rejuvinate Hip replacement recall lawyers

Stryker is reaching out to victims of their Rejuvinate and ABG II Hip replacements thru Broadspire Services Inc. Beware and contact a Stryker Hip Replacement lawyer immediately. It is best to have a retained lawyer as these cases will be part of a nationwide  MDL ( multi distrcit litigation ) hip replacement lawsuit just like the DePuy Pinnacle and many others. Stryker says "“Stryker will be reimbursing patients for testing, treatment, revision surgery; if necessary; and other costs relating to this voluntary recall.” But this is vague and unclear and by accepting this you may lose your oppoertunity for a settlement once these are negotiated by Stryker lawyers. Stryker is not on your side.

Stryker Broadspire Contacts For Medical Expenses

You may have recently received a Stryker letter from a doctor informing you that Broadspire Services, Inc. had been retained to handle claims for patient expenses related to the Stryker Rejuvenate recall. According to information on Stryker’s website, “Stryker will be reimbursing patients for testing, treatment, revision surgery, if necessary, and other costs relating to this voluntary recall.” Stryker has also directed doctors to inform their patients that Broadspire would be working directly with patients on their claims, and to contact Stryker for more information. You should keep in mind that any information you disclose during the Stryker Broadspire claims process, or to a Broadspire representative, could dramatically effect  your Stryker hip recall lawsuit settlement.  You should speak to a Stryker  lawyer before you contact Broadspire, and especially before you agree to or sign anything. This is extremely important.

Many seniors do not understand the process and are easily coerced. They are vulnerable and concerned about medical care. You should speak to an experienced Stryker Hip Replacement lawyer.

Carnival Triumph Cruise Helpline Launched, Carnival Cruise Lawyers

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Carnival cruise lawyers of Class Action Lawyer Network have launched a  Triumph Carnival Cruise Helpline to answer legal questions regarding injury on the Triumph Cruise Line

Maritime Injury Law Center Triumph  Carnival Cruise Disaster Hotline
Maritime Injury  Law Center, The Law Center of Paul Ansel P.A announces a special Triumph cruise ship injury hotline for passengers of the Triumph Carnival Cruise line disaster


PRLog (Press Release) – Feb. 15, 2013 – Maritime Injury Center has launched a 24hr hotline for passengers injured due to the recent Carnival Cruise line disaster. According to Paul Ansel, who has been a maritime injury lawyer for over 40 years"Carnival's home office is in Miami. The lawsuits will most likely have to be filed in south Florida and I am right here close to their home Office." The Carnival cruise ship  was stuck in the Gulf of Mexico for six days. Passengers were faced with unbearable conditions.
"It was horrible, just horrible" said Maria Hernandez, 28, of Angleton, Texas, tears welling in her eyes.
According to Ansel" A cruise line owes its passengers a duty of reasonable care in these kinds of  circumstances."
"An experienced cruise ship passenger lawyer should be able to determine whether a higher duty may be owed by this cruisline. As an experienced cruise ship lawyer it is my job to figure out if a cruise ship can be held accountable for their actions"Ansel continues" Carnival owed it's passengers safety and the protection of their well being"' There needs to be appropriate medical care,security and sanitation" Ansel has been a maritime injury lawyer in South Florida for decades.

We asked him if he had filed cruise ship injury lawsuits before. He responded " Over 40 years, absolutely" On this ship we will be looking at disease, medical issues as well as any injury or falls in  dining areas, swimming pools, stairways, upper berths, cabin doors, floors, inadequate lighting, slippery floors, and general negligence by the cruise line" Ansel continues" If you are injured on this Carnival Cruise, you may have a civil claim for money damage" It is suggested to call the Carnival Cruise Injury Hotline at  1-888-973-2636 or 1-888-seasick..Unfortunately these passengers where dealing with more then just getting seasick

Paul Ansel, one of the Clas Action lawyer Network Maritme and cruise ship injury lawyers has over 40 years experience. Call Us at 1 877 522-2123

DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement Lawsuits Reach Settlement Fund Status

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Class Action lawyers are seeking all recipients of the DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement to file their hip replacement lawsuits now. DePuy has reached a potentils fund agreement and time is limited. If you have a DePuy Pinncle we want to hear from you now. DePuy Hip Lawsuits May Result in Large Settlement Fund
Perry Larkin | February 13th, 2013 | Posted in Depuy Hip Recall

Compensation for DePuy HipManufacturer Johnson & Johnson (J&J), the parent company to the hip replacement manufacturer DePuy, is currently negotiating settlements for plaintiffs who have retained a DePuy hip lawyer to seek compensation due to complications from the implants. Sources say that the settlements could cost as much as $2 billion.

Insiders close to the defendants state that J&J cannot afford to allow the cases to go to trial and run the risk of having to pay massive jury awards in every one of these cases. In January of 2012, J&J indicted that $800 million had been reserved to settle lawsuits filed because of problems with DePuy hip implants. However, a spokeswoman for the company, Lorie Gawreluk, stated that evidence to be presented at trial will show that DePuy “acted appropriately and responsibly.”
Over 10,000 lawsuits pending due to DePuy hip problems

The exact reported number of lawsuits, according to a filing in November of 2012, is 10,100 lawsuits pending against DePuy and J&J. Approximately 7,240 of these cases have already been consolidated in multidistrict litigation (MDL) in Ohio federal court. Another 2,000 have been centralized in California state court. The remaining claims against DePuy await trial in local courts nationwide.

The plaintiffs’ executive committee is presided over by U.S. District Judge David A. Katz in Toledo. The co-lead council for the committee—Steven J. Skikos—has stated that the current focus of the plaintiffs is to prepare for trial. So far, the attorneys for the plaintiffs and the defense have reviewed over 50 million pages of documents linked to this litigation. At least 50 witness have been deposed.
Johnson & Johnson considering settlement of $2 billion

Three cases have been scheduled to go to trial with the first beginning on January 23 in Los Angeles. If J&J loses these early cases, a precedent may be set that would yield financial payouts that the company can’t afford. This is why the company is contemplating settling the cases for $2 billion. It’s a large settlement, but not unusual in cases such as this.

One example of a company that had to pay a vast amount similar to the suggested settlement amount from J&J is Merck & Co. who, in 2007, paid settlements for their painkiller Vioxx from a fund of $4.85 billion. Vioxx had been shown to double a patient’s risk of heart attack and stroke.

DePuy settlements would be calculated based on each plaintiff’s claim and the merits of the complaint.
Multiple problems linked to DePuy ASR hip implant

DePuy ASR hip replacements are reportedly prone to a number of severe problems including joint dislocations, bone fractures and infections. These devices have been connected to premature loosening, which has made hip revision surgery necessary. Also, shards of metal can break off from the implant and enter the patient’s bloodstream, causing tissue damage and joint death.

Over 10,000 lawsuits against DePuy are currently pending. $200,000 per plaintiff has been suggested as the amount each plaintiff should receive. Plaintiffs’ attorneys are alleged to have said that this figure is too low. A DePuy hip recall had been implemented in 2010. This affected 37,000 recipients of the device manufactured by DePuy in the United States, and 93,000 patients around the world.

Class Action lawyers for the DePuy Pinncle inform that you mist file your lawsuit now or run the risk of missing out.

Pharmaceutucal Companys And Lack Of Warnings

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Class Action Lawyer Network's Lawyers For Dangerous Drugs And Devices Alert

Class Action Lawyer Network currently has experinced lawyers filing dangerous drug and devices lawsuits for a number of drugs and devices where it is deemed that the manufacturer has not offered ample warnings regarding the risks involved in using their products. Most of these drugs and devices lawsuits have been consolidated in a MDL. An MDL is a a consolidated class action where there a too many claimants who have suffered the same or similar injuries from a product to file these in state court rooms thru-out the country. These lawsuits are filed in a centralized jurisdiction under one judge.

Current Class Actions – MDL's  ( Multi – District Litigation ) Our Lawyers Are Accepting Cases for Include:

All vaginal mesh and bladder sling lawsuits

All DePuy Pinnacle and ASR metal on metal hip replacement lawsuits

All Stryker Rejuvinate and ABG Modular II Stems lawsuits

All Yaz lawsuits where there has been a blood clot, stroke or pulmonary embolism

All Actos lawsuits where there is a diagnosis of bladder cancer

All Biomet hip replacement lawsuits

All Depakote birth defects lawsuits for Spina Bifida

All Metronic Infuse Bone Graft lawsuits

All GranuFlo heart attack lawsuits

All Androgel lawsuits for heart attacks and strokes

All Testim, Striant, Androderm and Axiron lawsuits

All Risperdal lawsuits for Gynecomastia or  unusual breast development in young boys and young men under the age of 21

If you have an injury related to a medical drug or device and would like one of our lawyers to review your case call today and speak to one of our experienced drug and device class action lawyers.


Whistleblower Lawyers, QUI Tam, SEC, Medicare, Medicaid IRS, CFTC Fraud

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Lawyers for SEC whistleblower claims under the SEC whistle Blower Program. If you know of a case of SEC, IRS, or CFTC fraud you may be entitlled to compensation under the QUI Tam laws. Call us today for claims involving:

  • Offering Fraud,
  • Trading & Pricing,
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA),
  • Municipal Securities,
  • Financial Fraud and Market Manipulation

Class Action Lawyer Network QUI Tam Whistleblower lawyers for Qui Tam, IRS, SEC and CFTC Cases


On behalf of whistleblowers our Class action Lawyers File:

  • Medicare fraud cases, medicaid, Tricare Fraud,
  • Defense and Homeland Security Fraud
  • federal and state false claims,
  • federal tax fraud,
  • Education and Research Fraud
  • tax underpayments,
  • tax fraud ,
  • internal Revenue Service whistleblower program,
  • federal securities laws violations ,
  • Procurement Fraud
  • SEC and CFTC Fraud
  • Securities and Exchange Commission's whistleblower program,
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission's whistleblower program.




Covedian Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits, Covedian Vaginal Mesh Lawyers

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Covidien vaginal Mesh Implants

The Covedian Vaginal mesh are called pelvic floor repair kits. The Covedian vaginal mesh are called:


  •         IVS Tunneler Intra-Vaginal Sling
  •         IVS Tunneler Placement Device
  •         Parietene Polypropylene Mesh
  •         Surgipro Polyproylene Surgical Mesh

Covedian vaginal mesh lawyers are filing lawsuit for victims of the Covedian Vaginal Mesh.

The Covedian lawsuits are for complications which are the same for all vaginal mesh:

  •     Painful revision surgeries that do not help
  •     Bleeding
  •     Back pain and digestive problems
  •     Depression
  •     Infections
  •     Incontinence and prolapse are back
  •     mesh erosion causing inability to have sexual intercourse
  •     mesh removal required

 Covidien Vaginal Sling  lawyers are filing lawsuits for justice for mesh victims

Get a Covedian vaginal mesh lawyer today.

GranuFlo, Naturalyte Dialysis Medication Lawsuits

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Lawyers are filing Dialysis Medication lawsuits for cardiac problems and death from Frensius' GranuFlo and Naturlyte.

GranuFlo and NaturaLyte lawsuits are being filed nationwide. Lawyers are claiming cardiac injury from these diaysis medications.

GranuFlo and Naturalyte Information

GranuFlo and NaturaLyte are brand names of dialysates manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care Fresenius is the world’s largest provider of kidney dialysis services and products. aGranuFlo and Naturalyte are  used in thousands of dialysis centers to treat Americans with kidney disease or failure nationwide.

GranuFlo and Naturalyte Alert

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Class I recall of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte on March 29, 2012, to revise prescribing instructions.The FDA was concerned because the  use of these two products can lead to low blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia. These products could cause  cardiopulmonary arrest and death.

Fresenius Knew The Dangers Of Naturalyte and GranuFlo

Fresenius, it appears,  was aware of the dangers of these drugs and did not share this information with health care providers, doctors or patients. An internal company memo from Nov. 4, 2011, reported that more than 900 patients had experienced heart attacks in Fresenius clinics during the previous year. The memo states that the company’s medical staff reached the conclusion that patients with excessive levels of bicarbonate in their blood were six times more likely to have cardiac arrest than those with normal levels. The memo also linked GranuFlo use to increased bicarbonate levels and heart attacks.

Granuflo and Naturalyte lawyers are filing  lawsuits against Fresenius due to GranuFlo and NaturaLyte causing cardiac death.  it is deemed that  the manufacturer “intentionally, recklessly and/or negligently concealed, suppressed, omitted and misrepresented the risks, dangers, defects, and disadvantages of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte.”
Lawsuits are Being Filed For the Bad Dialysis  Medications  GranuFlo and NaturaLyte

Justice must be sought for victims and families against a  company that  knew of the dangerous nature of  their dialysis  medications and failed to inform patients being treated. Fresenius also failed to advise health care providers of the dangers and train staff  in the safe use of GranuFlo and Naturalyte
The lawsuits are mounting up against  GranuFlo and NaturaLyte.  Families  that have  lost a loved one to cardiac arrest  are urged to contact us today for a dialysis medication lawyer. GanuFlo and Naturalyte has created  excessive bicarbonate. The chemical composition of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte encourages the overproduction of bicarbonate resulting in cardiac injury.

Lawsuits Filed

In July 2012, Alabama resident Arthruine Williams filed a lawsuit against Fresenius on behalf of her late husband, Johnny, in the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Alabama. According to the claim, Johnny Williams underwent a dialysis treatment that used GranuFlo in July 2010 and died of a heart attack the following day. His widow says that Fresenius officials knew that the use of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte posed a significant increased risk of cardiac arrest and death.

A month later, Betty Lemmond sued in the same court on behalf of her late husband, Dizzy Dean Lemmond. Her husband died of a heart attack in August 2010, the same day that he received a dialysis treatment with GranuFlo. Betty Lemmond’s lawsuit accuses Fresenius of negligence, wantonness, fraud, unjust enrichment and failure to warn patients about the dangers of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte.

In September 2012, Waddell Bishop filed a lawsuit against Fresenius on behalf of his late mother, Frances Carol Bishop, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia. Frances Carol Bishop had received a dialysis treatment in early September 2010 and died of a heart attack later that month. Waddell Bishop said his mother’s death “directly resulted from using GranuFlo and/or NaturaLyte,” according to the lawsuit

If you had serious heart issues after a dialysis treatment, you should know your legal options.

Dialysis and Cardiac Side Effects of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte are Life Threatening

Contact a GranuFlo, Naturalyte Dialysis medication lawyer today for cardiac arrest due to GranuFlo and Naturalyte Dialysis medication