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For Dow Corning Breast Implant Removal Benefit Get A Dow Corning Class Action Lawyer

Dow Corning Class Action lawyers of Class Action Lawyer Network are accepting Dow Corning Breast Implant explant  ( removal )cases. A breast implant explant is a breast implant removal. The Dow Corning Trust has initiated a breast implant removal benefit. Our Dow lawyers are helping women with their silicone breast implant explant claims.

You May Have Received the Following Letter

The following notice is being sent to all claimants who may be eligible for an Explant claim at the Settlement Facility Dow Corning Trust.

If you have received this letter you should contact Class Action Lawyer Network and speak to one of our Dow Corning Breast Implant Class Action lawyers today. You do not want to do this on your own. Our lawyers can help you with the process and make sure the claim is filed correctly at no cost to you.

If you choose to participate in the Explant Assistance Program, please note that these claims may take upto 60 days to process.
We recommend that you contact the Settlement Facility regarding your status before you schedule your surgery.
The Dow Corning Plan of Reorganization set June 2, 2014 as the deadline for eligible claimants to file a
claim for Explant Benefits.

Eligibility for compensation in Class 5 or 6 for Explant benefits is as follows:
1.Submission of the Proof of Manufacture form and written proof that you were implanted with a DowCorning breast implant
2.Submission of the Explant Claim form and written proof that your Dow Corning implants were removed by June 2, 2014. The Settlement Plan only offers the Explant benefit for the removal of Dow Corning breast implants. No other brands of implants are eligible for this payment.
3.Written proof that you did notreceive a silicone gel breast implant as a replacement after your Dow Corning breast implant was removed. If your Dow Corning breast implants are removed and replaced with a silicone gel implant, you will no longer qualify for payment. You may receive a replacement saline implant or other reconstruction. The Explant Assistance Program (EAP) is an option available to claimants who need financial help to have their implants removed. This program is designed for direct payment to the doctor and/or hospital that provides your explant service. This process may take several months to complete, so it is important to start this process well in advance of the June 2, 2014 deadline. If you wait until the filing deadline, your claim may be denied.
Eligible Claimants are responsible to keep the SF – DCT updated on any change in address and other contact information. Claimants whose contact information is not current may not receive payments for which they are eligible. For copies of the Claim Forms
 further information about the Explant program, EAP, or the deadline contact:
Claims Assistance Telephone: 866-874-6099,Email: info@sfdct.comFor additional assistance

The Claimants Advisory Committee:
NOTE: Your claim must meet the definition of an Eligible claim as set forth in Article V of Annex A to the Plan of Reorganization in order to be eligible for payment

Again we stronlty suggest you do not attempt to do this on your own and contact us for a Dow Corning Breast Implant lawyer today to protect your rights under this new program.