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Tylenol Liver Damage Lawyers

Recent Tylenol recalls may have affected millions of people. Tylenol lawyers are ready to help if you or a loved one has liver damage due to Tylenol  or acetaminophen overdose.

There have been several recalls for numerous Tylenol products in the news
recently, and as a result millions of people may have been potentially harmed. There are FDA warnings associating Tylenol wih lliver damage.

FDA Drug Safety Communication: Prescription Acetaminophen Products to be Limited to 325 mg Per Dosage Unit; Boxed Warning Will Highlight Potential for Severe Liver Failure

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Even More Tylenol

Latest Recall: 1 Lot of Tylenol 8-Hour Extended Release Caplets

March 30, 2011 — Yet another lot of Tylenol has been recalled by Johnson & Johnson's McNeil division.

The latest recall involves one lot — 34,056 150-count bottles — of Tylenol 8-Hour Extended Release caplets.

The recalled Tylenol 8-Hour Extended release caplets are 150-count bottles with the lot number ADM074 and the UPC code 300450297181.

As with its many previous recalls, the latest Tylenol recall is due to a musty or moldy smell. The odor is thought to be caused by trace amounts of the extremely odorous compounds TBA and TCA, produced by the breakdown of a fungicide used to treat wooden pallets on which the products were stored.

The company has also added 10 lots of various products, including Tylenol 8-Hour caplets, to its Jan. 14 wholesale-level recall of various Tylenol, Benadryl, Sudafed, Sinutab, and Rolaids products. This recall does not affect products distributed at the retail level.

The wholesale recall adds some 717,696 bottles or packages to the Jan. 14 recall:

  • 5 lots of Tylenol Arthritis Pain Extended-Release Geltabs (180,288 bottles)
  • 1 lot of Tylenol Sinus (108,336 packages)
  • 1 lot of Tylenol 8-Hour Extended Release (207,288 bottles)
  • 2 lots of Benadryl  Allergy Sinus Headache (87,216 packages)
  • 1 lot of Sudafed PE Cold/Cough Multisymptom (134,568 packages)

The string of Johnson & Johnson recalls has gone on so long, and involved so many familiar brands, that the company has devoted an entire web site,, to the recall

Products Involved:

Dosage Forms:

Tablet, Caplets, Geltabs, Drops, Liquid

Reasons for Recall:

Liver damage from Tylenol or acetaminophen takes place when the enzymatic pathways of the liver are blocked or overtaxed by too much of acetaminophen's poisonous molecular remains after being metabolized.

This toxic molecular residue from Tylenol (sometimes referred to as “NAPQI”) accumulates in the liver and causes damage—and sometimes acute liver failure. Many other factors can contribute to an acetaminophen or Tylenol overdose. Certain medications such as Phenobarbital, anti-seizure medications, and certain anti-tuberculosis drugs can significantly increase the risk for liver damage.

Class action lawyer Network Tylenol team is obtaining compensation for victims and families who have suffered acetaminophen related liver injury, failure or Wrongful death.If you have experienced liver damage due to Tylenol or acetaminophen, you are not alone. If you or a loved one has symptoms of liver damage call or contact class action lawyers immediately. Initial symptoms are nausea and vomiting. Liver failure is fatal. Tylenol is acetaminophen. You must be cognizant of all products you are taking with these ingedients to avoid overdose.

  • Tylenol Extra Strength EZ Tablet
  • Tylenol Extra Strength Cool Caplet
  • Tylenol Extra Strength Caplet
  • Children's Tylenol Meltaways Bubblegum
  • Children's Tylenol
  • Children's Tylenol Plus
  • Tylenol Infants' Drops
  • Tylenol PM Caplet
  • Tylenol PM Geltab
  • Tylenol Rapid Release Gelcap
  • Children's Motrin
  • Children's Motrin Cold
  • Motrin Infants' Drops
  • Motrin IB Caplet
  • Motrin IB Tablet
  • Benadryl Allery Ultratab
  • Children's Benadryl Allergy Liquids
  • Children's Zyrtec

Tylenol liver damage lawyers are ready to help you.