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Transvaginal Mesh TVT Tension -Free Vaginal Tape Sling Lawyers For TVT Mesh Injury Lawsuit

Do you want to file  a Gynecare TVT sling lawsuit?

The TVT mesh systems are  mesh tape with vaginal sling surgery. They are  TVT sling procedures with placement of a  transvaginal sling to correct urinary incontinence or SUI.

Tension-free Vaginal Tape Sling
Tension free vaginal tape

What Is The TVT Sling?

Tension-Free Vaginal Tape (TVT)  is   used to correct stress urinary incontinence and a disorder called intrinsic sphincter defect. Through a small  incision, a  permanent mesh-like material is placed underneath the urethra and anchored to the abdominal muscles above the pubic bone.

The mesh-like material  is supposed to remain as a permanent sling under the urethra, preventing incontinence when straining or coughing. This is called SUI or stress urinary incontinence. TVT sling lawyers are filing lawsuits for women whose procedure has failed causing pain, suffering and severe complications. The sling, invisioned as a permanent fix, can take many surgeries for removal and urinary incontinence has returned worse then before.

Gynecare TVT Secur Systems

The Gynecare TVT Secure was the first bladder sling to be  used in the United States. The System is unique, in that Instead of using needles, the U-shaped TVT Secur has built-in blades for attaching the mesh to the pelvis. Report indicate that  the TVT Secur is more likely to loosen after surgery. Do to this failure thousands of women are filing TVT Sling lawsuits with the help of vaginal mesh lawyers in a multi district litigation consolidated in West Virginia.

 Ethicon Lawsuits,

The Ethicon lawsuits include  Prolene Mesh, Prolene Soft Mesh, Gynemesh, Gynemesh PS, TVT, TVT-Obturator, TVT-SECUR, TVT Exact, TVT Abbrevo, Prolift, Prolift + M, and Prosima vaginal mesh products. These are all a part of the MDL litigation (In re: Ethicon, Inc., Pelvic Repair System Products Liability Litigation –MDL No. 2327)

To file a TVT Sling Lawsuit contact us to speak to lawyer who is experienced with this product and the particulars of the lawsuits against Ethicon, the manufacturer