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  • Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Lawyers: Physiomesh Hernia Mesh lawyers are filing Hernia Mesh lawsuits for your failed Physiomesh used to repair your hernia. Ethicon voluntarily withdrew the Physiomesh from the  market in May of 2016  after independent studies revealed high rates...

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  • Stryker Femoral Heads Hip Replacement Lawyers: Stryker V40 Taper Hip Replacement Lawyers Stryker Hip Replacement Lawyers Hip Implant lawyers are filing hip replacement lawsuits for V40 Femoral head failure in the Stryker Hip Implant. In August 2016, Stryker contacted implanting physic...

Drug Class Actions

  • Taxotere Lawyers for Permanent Hair Loss: Taxotere Baldness Lawyers For  Permanent Hair Loss Lawsuits Have you received Taxotere for breast cancer? Taxotere can result in hair loss or baldness  that is permanent. Taxotere  is a chemotherapy drug used for the treatment of breas...

Medical Device Lawsuits

  • File An IVC Filter Lawsuit: Our IVC Filter lawyers are filing IVC Filter lawsuits for injury and Death from a fractured migrating IVC Filter part. The IVC Filters, also known as blood clot filters, Blood Clot Capture Filters and Inferior Vena Cava Filters, are implant...

Overtime Class Action Lawyers For Unpaid Overtime

Get An Overtime Class Action Lawyer To Sue Your Employer

Have you and a group of  employees you work with been ripped off for overtime pay. You may be able to sue your employer in a group overtime class action lawsuit.

Our Overtime Lawyers File Lawsuits For Overtime Pay

Federal law requires employers  pay employees overtime pay for  excess of 40 hours in a work week at a rate of no less than one and a half the regular rate. Overtime class action lawsuits are filed  when an employer tries to avoid paying  employees  overtime pay.  Employers must  pay non-exempt employees overtime pay. Employers use a number of tactics to get around this. This includes: Misclassifying an employee as exempt when they are doing regular routine work Requiring employees to work off-the-clock of before and after clicking in and out Incorrectly calculating overtime pay using a variety of calculated and deceptive methods

I Want To Start A Group  Overtime Class Action

Employees can bring an  overtime employment class action as a group  to recover back overtime pay. The group and each individual employee harmed by not receiving overtime pay  may be entitled to recover liquidated damages or an award up to an amount equal to the unpaid overtime. Do you think your employer owes you and your fellow co-workers  overtime pay? Contact us right now and speak to an experienced overtime class action lawyer.